11.17.2020 - By Revelations Radio Network

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Episode 266: On this show, Japanese Flippy checks for masks, a couple 33 updates, dinosaur ride in Japan, Trump tweet, SpaceX launch, stay at home tax says Deutsche, Citibank Bitcoin price prediction, Trudeau is a NWO puppet proof, Denmark protests lockdown law, waccine side effects, more Fauci nonsense, Israeli voice to skull audio tech,  Israeli Apple microchip concerns, and a Nephilim Update! #Nephilim #Trudeau #2030   SHOW NOTES:    COMMUNITY:     BECOME A PRODUCER! Paypal:  Patreon 1:  Patreon 2:  Crypto:    LIVE ON: Twitch: YouTube 1:  YouTube 2:  DLive:    LISTEN: RSS:  Spotify:  Apple:  Google:  Amazon:  Podbay:

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