Adulting with Cowboy Bebop

10.29.2020 - By Imaginary Worlds

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The anime series Cowboy Bebop is currently being turned into a live-action series for Netflix, but Cowboy Bebop doesn’t need to be Americanized. The original series was already an homage to Western films and movies. Authors Roland Kelts and Matt Alt talk about how Cowboy Bebop fits into a very Japanese tradition of adopting and even improving upon aspects of foreign cultures. Evan Minto of Anime News Network explains why the show was groundbreaking. And Eric Vilas-Boas and John Maher of Dot + Line discuss how Cowboy Bebop had a huge impact on them as kids, even though it took them decades to understand the characters.  
See You, Space Cowboy….

Matt Alt’s book “Pure Invention: How Japan’s Pop Culture Conquered the World.”
Roland Kelt’s book, “Japanamerica: How Japanese Culture Has Invaded the U.S.”

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