"Advanced" TURN ZER0 EP 37 - Building X-Men and Brotherhood Rosters

11.04.2020 - By TURN ZER0 GAMING

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A Word Of Warning: Adult content and explicit language in this episode The X-Men and Brotherhood characters have been completely spoiled by Atomic Mass Games. We bring on Merzain from "Advanced" R&D; to build some rosters during the recording. Then we pick who will pilot the rosters for a TURN ZER0 VS "Advanced" R&D; throwdown! We are announcing a special giveaway! Thanks to Todd and Total Access Games, we are giving away 5 Vibranium Heist Kits to our amazing fans.We are giving away 3 kits on social media. To enter, like our Facebook page! Leave a review of the podcast for a second entryWe are giving away a kit during the finals match of the TTS League Season 3. We will be streaming the finals and giving away 1 Heist Kit to one lucky viewer.A few stipulations for these kits.We are shipping to the USA only for 3 of these kits. (Facebook)The TTS League Finals Kit, we will ship worldwide.More TURN ZER0 GAMING content:TTS League Top 4 Match! UtilityCookie vs ScorshaWeek 3 TTS League Betta Match! XChazux vs LanzaHave you heard about how powerful Hired Muscle is? You should take a look at our breakdown on the TURN ZER0 GAMING Blog!Check out TURN ZER0 Gaming:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/turnzer0gamingDiscord: https://discord.gg/fgZ2A9W Articles: https://totalaccessgames.com/blogs/turn-zer0-gaming

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