Adventures in Quilting

By Dalen Keys

What's Adventures in Quilting about?

This podcast is a series of fun stories that are occasionally fact - but are often fiction. You don't have to be a quilter to listen . . . but if you are a quilter, or married to one, or know one, or lived with one, or passed one on the street . . . you'll certainly relate to these stories. Mimi's Quilting Emporium is the hub of activity in Bitchfield, PA . . . a common little town with uncommon characters. But when one of their own sets out on an adventure across the USA to explore the sights - and visit as many quilting shops as possible, life in Bitchfield intertwines with stories from the road as they all come together at Mimi's.

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Episode 9 - One Vote, Two V...


Bitchfield, PA is excited that their own podcaster is going to be on the Kelly Clarkson show. The ladies are gathered in Mimi's Quilting Emporium as the podcaster reads his story.

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