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01.04.2021 - By The Weekly List

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In December, Trump continued to push lies and  conspiracy theories about the election, not only failing to concede, but  pushing efforts to overthrow the election results. During this month,  Trump became increasingly isolated as even loyalists pushed back on his  false allegations or resigned, leaving an inner circle composed almost  entirely of his family members and conspiracy theorists. Trump continued  to avoid the press and the American people, seeming to hide in the  White House, other than a brief holiday trip to Mar-a-Lago.
This month the Supreme Court, which Trump had  viewed as loyalists who would act at his behest, rejected his election  challenges. Other setbacks came on December 8 when the safe harbor  deadline passed, and then on December 14 when the Electoral Colleges in  each state cast their votes, and ratified Biden’s victory — a typically  mundane process that goes unnoticed, which was for first time was  broadcast live and closely watched. After the results were ratified,  Senate Republican leadership recognized Biden as president-elect, while  House leadership continued to demure. Trump raged against all those who  refused to go along with his despot coup, while his supporters took to  threatening election officials and other subjects of his ire.
This month, a major Russian hacking — perhaps  the most significant of modern times — of federal agencies and  corporations was revealed. As has been a familiar pattern, Trump refused  to acknowledge Russia’s involvement or condemn the attack, which some  lawmakers likened to an act of war. December also marked the most deadly  month of the worsening pandemic, which Trump almost completely ignored,  along with any and all other presidential responsibilities.
Although Trump had yet to admit defeat, he did  grant several controversial pardons, including four figures that were  subjects of the Mueller probe, as well as Jared Kushner’s father, and  employees of a company run by loyalist Erik Prince who were found guilty  of murdering Iraqi civilians. As the month came to a close, Trump  continued to push for allies to overturn the election and hence  America’s still young experiment in democracy. And tragically, many  Republicans appeared all too happy to comply with his antics, despite  the damage to our democracy and world standing, in order to benefit  their own political futures.
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