Episode 58: Alexander Hamilton on Impeachment

03.04.2020 - By Constitutionally Speaking

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No Founding Father thought more deeply about the presidency than Alexander Hamilton. He was an enthusiastic supporter of a strong chief executive and believed the president had a central and vital role to play in American government, both at home and abroad. Hamilton was also a realist when it came to the nature of politics and, unlike some of his contemporaries, did not shy away from the fact that politics can be a rough business. As a result, Hamilton jumped at the chance to define what impeaching the president would mean in The Federalist. We are still working within the parameters of the impeachment system as he understood it. This talk explains what Hamilton thought and how his ideas can shed light on the recent impeachment. This talk was given at the Down Town Association in New York City, with support from the St. Andrew's Society, the First Families of New York, and the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society.

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