Alexis Ren ON: Breaking Negative Cycles and Letting Go of the Lies We Tell Ourselves

08.16.2021 - By On Purpose with Jay Shetty

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Alexis sits down with Jay Shetty to talk about how her late mother influenced her to be her own person, to always treat failures and heartbreaks as stepping stones to where she is headed, to validate pain and the lessons they teach, and to see the positivity in things life throws at you.

Alexis Ren is a model, actress, and one of the most influential personalities on social media. At 24, aside from being a strong advocate of mental health, women empowerment, and environmental protection, she has also built a strong community for women dealing with different mental and emotional issues as well as sharing her own life struggles and experiences. 

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What We Discuss with Alexis:
00:00 Intro
02:33 There are so many live we want to live
03:46 Learning all the aspects of a healthy relationship
06:01 Going deep into your own creativity at a young age
10:37 Scouted for modelling at 14
12:12 When her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer
15:03 Financial independence and the social media attention
19:48 First time playing a character
20:39 Keep saying your name until you hear your voice drop back into your identity
24:49 Taking a break from Hollywood
29:14 Self-reflection amidst bullying and trolling
31:17 Heroes are people that continuously admit why they are not
35:09 Notes are gold, go make them
38:10 Acting is a tool used to either get closer to yourself or farther away from it
42:02 Talking to girls in a live call about traumas
44:06 If you can just make someone smile, the world will become a better place
45:10 We Are Warriors is an educational and personal wellness community
52:02 When you get lost in your role and forget your purpose
53:38 The public is creating characters for you in any public relationship
56:44 Seeing heartbreaks as growing pains
01:00:48 None of our struggles won’t last forever
01:03:39 Your greatest connection to the other side are the people you lost
01:06:15 The things that weren’t meant to be is serving what’s meant to be
01:08:09 An intention on something before you do it is powerful
01:14:16 Pain is pain, its valid when it happens
01:17:15 Proving how many characters you can be when acting
01:21:44 Show the universe you’re having fun with what’s handed to you
01:26:33 Every Disney movie always has a comical side character
01:28:47 Alexis on the Final Five

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