Episode 132: All Over The Place

02.27.2014 - By Knittin' On The Fly

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Jetsetting: Driving driving: But I've missed the storms so far!Basic stuff last week again. Ground School this weekUnsure of schedule for next weekPaid Weekly. Bit of adjusting for bills to be paid and when!  Enroute: Ampersand Socks - Fish Kiss Lips HeelHat for Honey- Lined BeanieTake Off: Cabeled Glovelets for Honey's Sister for workHolding: None, leaving it home this week.    Reservations: Amazon Winner - got her!If you have sent anything to Owls Head, I haven't been there in a while and its on hold at the post officeXmas cards going out to soldiersWorking on Bridesmaids dresses, headed out to try them on and get sizingAnd negotiating with vendors! Special TFR:  The Polar Express

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