All Stars S4E1 "All Star Super Queen Variety Show"

12.19.2018 - By Race Chaser with Alaska & Willam

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Alaska and Willam bring you hot, current, juicy up-to-date discussion, dissection, and dissemination of of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, starting with E1 "All Star Super Queen Variety Show!"THIS EPISODE SPONSORED BY CARE/OF, HELIX, MEDMEN, AND STORYWORTH! USE CODE "DRAG" FOR 25% OFF! for $125 OFF! MENTION CODE "DRAG" FOR $10 OFF! for $20 OFF!GET YOUR TICKETS TO RACE CHASER LIVE NOW!!!www.racechasertickets.comFOLLOW ALASKA WILLAM CHASER IS A FOREVER DOG PODCAST

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