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By Michael Kenneth - Christian Testimonies

What's Amazing Testimonies Podcast (Christian Testimonies | True Stories | Inspiration | Faith) about?

A christian podcast ministry featuring true stories & testimonies of faith, hope, healing, inspiration, blessings, breakthroughs & miracles of Christ’s amazing love! The mission of “Amazing Testimonies Podcasts” is to uplift, edify, strengthen & inspire people worldwide thru the real testimonies shared by real people on each episode “Amazing Testimonies Podcast”! Are you interested in: Testimonies | True stories | Christian stories | Christianity | Faith | Religion | Jesus | Bible | God | People | Healing | Miracles | Religion | Spirituality | Spiritual things, true stories from REAL people? Then tune in & listen! Don’t miss out on a blessing! Subscribe now for free! Do you have a GREAT testimony that you’d like to share with the world? Please visit: christianity, testimonies, true stories, christian stories, christian testimonies, faith, hope, healing, salvation, religion, spirituality, Jesus, God, Bible,

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Abducted by terrorists! Sa...


On this weeks' episode of Amazing Testimonies Podcast, Kule Joram. Growing up with his family in Uganda (East Africa), Kule Joram's daily life was not easy. During his childhood, Kule recalls a horrific event that occurred which deeply impacted his ...