America Dissected

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What's America Dissected about?

Wellness isn't just about mindfulness, exercise, or the perfect skin. Politics, media, culture, science — everything around us — interact to shape our health. On America Dissected, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed explores what's really making us sick and what we'll need to take on — be it racism, corporate capitalism, or snake oil salesmen — to keep all of us healthy. From insulin price gouging to ineffective sunscreens, America Dissected cuts deeper into the state of health in America. New episodes every Tuesday.

Want to know where to start? Here are some fan-favorite episodes to search:
Cannabis Capitalism with David Jernigan
Weight Weight Don’t Tell me with Harriett Brown
Black Scientists Matter with Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett

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It’s Cold & Flu Season. Her...


It’s cold and flu … and RSV, and COVID season. But vaccinations are down this year — and we haven’t made critical investments in things like air purification and ventilation that we could have and should have to protect ourselves ...

America Dissected episodes: