American Gods: American Godcast

By Podcastica

What's American Gods: American Godcast about?

American Gods is rich, edgy, imaginative, beautiful, stylish, sexy, smart, bold, and darkly funny, and we love it! We're Jason, Jenny, and Mr. Blahg of Podcastica, and we aim to enhance your experience of the show with in-depth, candid conversation, behind-the-scenes news and information, and lots of back-and-forth with you guys. BELIEVE!

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9: "Come to Jesus" (S1E8)


A big, spectacular, eye-and-brain-feast of a season finale this week! Join us as we break it down. Also, all of us, Jason, Jenny, and Mr. Blahg, want to thank all you guys who've come along with us for the ride. ...

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