An Accountant Discovers the Afterlife: Annette Marinaccio | S3 E8

02.08.2022 - By Life Continuing

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Annette Marinaccio is a Certified Public Accountant and an accomplished healthcare executive. Annette’s mother-in-law led her on a path after she died to prove to that there is in fact an afterlife. Being a hard-wired, analytical, left-brain dominant person, Annette had to be convinced with visible, tangible, and otherwise unexplainable occurrences. Annette is the author of the book: Your Soul Focus which unfolds her journey and what she’s learned through her relatives on the other side, chapter by chapter, containing personal stories and anecdotes applicable to daily life. After understanding that the afterlife is existent, Annette learned how intricate and extensive our souls and our journeys are. It’s fascinating! The information that Annette has accumulated and conveyed has a clear and deep benefit to others during their times of need, grief or curiosity, and Your Soul Focus will pass that knowledge to you.Listen now as Annette speaks about how this all happened and how she is one of the few people who has been able to experience the other side, without direct access to ( Soul Focus on Amazon: (***************************LIFE CONTINUING Instagram:   @lifecontinuingpodcast   Creator: Tania Berg   Advisor: Amanda Cupido   Music: Richard Feren   Editor: Cathy OrdPromo VO: Leslie Fear

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