An Outdoor English Lesson About Spring! Enjoy!

04.22.2022 - By Learn English with Bob the Canadian

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Last week I did an English lesson about spring, but I was inside the whole time! I thought since today was such a nice day I should walk around and use some of the terms and phrases that I taught last week while I was outside.

In this English lesson you'll learn English words and phrases as I show you the actual item as I walk around and enjoy spring. Spring actually started a few weeks ago, but today the weather is much more spring-like so I got out my camera and headed outside. I'm happy I could just go outside with only a spring jacket on and make this review lesson.

In this English lesson I will help you learn the English vocabulary about spring! You'll learn words and phrases like: springtime, to leaf out, blossoms, buds, migrate, puddle, rubber boots, spring jacket, spring breeze, fresh air, winter tires, mud, and more!

I hope you enjoy this English lesson about spring!

Note: This is the audio portion of a Youtube English lesson which you can watch right here: or find by searching Youtube for, "Bob the Canadian Spring"

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