An Overview of Our Digital Nomad Life System - #002

03.19.2021 - By Nomad Tactics Podcast

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In this episode B and Jack talk about the best way to go about living a digital nomad life. In order to do so, they introduce their magnum opus Digital Nomad Life System. This is the system created by Nomad Tactics that aims to explain, step-by-step, how someone can go from living a non-nomadic normal life to living an optimized digital nomad life. Timestamps:
1. An overview of the Digital Nomad Life System [2:22]
2. Nomadic Life Prep [6:08]
3. Base Pre-Planning [10:46]
4. Base Research and Arrangements [13:07]
5. Arriving Process [16:24]
6. Nomadic Living [18:41]
7. Departing Process [21:24] Show summary, resources, and transcript:
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