Episode 92 - Ana Young, Interdisciplinary Artist

12.21.2021 - By Art Wank

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Ana Young is an interdisciplinary artist represented by Curatorial and Co. She is wise, articulate, and an intelligent thoughtful painter. We learned a lot from this conversation. We spoke to her before we were asked to open the Movers and Shakers exhibition by Louise Chircop, it was just a. coincidence we talked about it in the podcast, and then Louise approached us the next day! We had the best chat with Ana about being a woman in the arts, her art education as a mature student, her sculptural works, and much more. 

Thanks, Ana, we loved talking to you. 

'My wall works and 3d constructions are informed by my relationship to the natural world connections between time, silence, and memory. recording via Plein air notations I observe changes in light, volume, space within a particular locale painting are a process of addition/ attrition, they grow skins. A sense of delay occurs as I go back and forth, facilitating processes of change. The paintings acquire their own rhythm. Stillness, optical sensations moments of entering a particular space are critical to their resolution. Sculptural constructions encompass the human traits of accumulation and collecting the idea of the "wunderkammer", voyaging and discovery, and the humble everyday utensils and paraphernalia are grouped in uncategorised assemblages constructed, they question temporal and associative versions of past physical presences and emotional states we are left to puzzle their connective roles these " remains" and simple fragments speculate and offer the possibility of new stories beyond their physical entities.'

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