and the rain must fall

05.26.2019 - By Spaceman’s Transmissions

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When the skies turn grey, our minds tend to close in on themselves as an attempt to both provide cover for our fragile creative grey matter as well as a spiritual shield that helps us fast forward to the next sunny day, the next bright moment. ----more----The skies I'm talking about are both the physical and the metaphorical. The metaphorical being the darker moments that seem to weave in and out of the better moments during our journey upon Mother Earth. If we had no setbacks, no dips in our our good fortune, and no dull moments within the glistening sea of bliss, we would not have an accurate way to measure our successes. We would not have a reliable means to balance our joy against the temporary grain, and the value of our rejoicing would be lost. 

Let's dip our toes into a puddle of equally balanced light and dark, of perfectly brewed yin and yang. With this particular journey, take the stress that weighs you down, put it in a basket, and let if seep into the tiny puddle that flows to the sea. Every venture with Spaceman's Transmissions is intended to be an enlightening path that picks up the rough stones of turmoil and shines them into shiny pebbles that light the way. Take repeated listens to this episode when you feel you've lost your way and need a bit of guidance through the color and light that the staff here seek to share. Along the way, be sure to share a bit of good vibe with those around you in need of that guidance. That's karma. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, stay dry...

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