45: André Viel - New Hope Addiction Recovery Centre

09.27.2018 - By Recovery Innovators Radio

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Certified Addictions Coach and President of The New Hope Addiction Recovery Centre André Viel joins me on the show to discuss recently revealed plans to open a new treatment facility in Fall of 2019. Thee 23-patient establishment will be situated on 45 acres in Scoudouc, New Brunswick and plans to offer services to treat addiction along with mental health and concurrent disorders like PTSD, anxiety, depression which are often coupled with addiction.“We will have a holistic approach paired with other proven therapy methods,” Viel explained.“We’re also excited to be serving clients from anywhere in Canada, the U.S, or anywhere else in the world, as long as they are comfortable with group therapy in English and one-on-one therapy in either English or French.”Explaining the need for a treatment facility such as The New Hope Recovery Centre, Mr. Viel explains, “We want to offer much-needed addiction recovery and mental health treatment with a unique approach which often appeals to individuals who would otherwise fall through the cracks.”He continued, “We are also offering aftercare and ongoing Recovery Coaching which has proven to be effective in long-term recovery success.”Viel was recently named to the Board of Directors for the Recovery Coaching International organization, a non-profit which works to further the interests of those in or seeking recovery from addiction.With addiction issues and drug overdoses dominating the headlines daily, demand for treatment options and professionally trained Recovery Coaches are at an all-time high.“Our program goals are to provide the tools, encouragement, and structure to help clients and patients to reach powerful, effective goals and to be the support many people need to find recovery success,” said Mr. Viel.The “epidemic” is real and The New Hope Addiction Recovery Centre’s holistic techniques and focus on Recovery Coaching are recognized as innovative and effective. The strategies have been applauded throughout the behavioral health industry and beyond.Mr. Viel and The New Hope Addiction Recovery Centre is striving to be one of the programs that can help those suffering from substance use disorder and other mental health issues find the path they need to do just that, heal and stop.Also a Recovery Coach and Interventionist trainer for The Addictions Academy, Viel recently stated, “Our current system of addiction and substance-abuse treatment does not always work, I’ve experienced this first-hand. I felt compelled to create something that I know can and will help addicts survive and thrive.”To learn more about André Viel, The New Hope Addiction Recovery Centre, and donation opportunities visit https://newhopecentre.ca.You may also email Mr. Viel at [email protected] or call (506) 863-8611Show Sponsors:https://TrustbotDesign.com - Bringing engagement and conversations to small businesses and customers in real-time.More info:https://RecoveryInnovatorsRadio.com/ - More episodes, more help.--Intro Music:Big Funk Diving Club by soundrollhttps://audiojungle.net/item/big-funk-diving-club/13548188Outro Music:Larger Than Life by pinkzebrahttps://audiojungle.net/item/larger-than-life/5454003

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