Season 3 Episode 1: Anne with Guest Suki Braze

01.26.2017 - By Black Mirror Library

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OH, Gentle Listeners, what a MONTH it’s been. We are so sorry that like Buffy we kept you suspended waiting for a new Buffy-centric episode. We are happy to finally return to you, our Scoobies! For this episode we have Buffy expert Suki Braze to kick off the Season 3 discussion in style. Join us as we discuss our fallen hero navigate the difficult world of waitressing on scumbag men until she reclaims her identity in order to lead a worker’s revolution. This episode seems timely with the disgusting garbage real life has been serving us recently and once again Buffy is here to remind us that we exist, we are important, and nobody can take away who we are. Stay tuned after the episode for some delightfully drunk conversation that was supposed to be a Buffy Drunk history, but might just be more of a drunk conversation. Either way we hope you enjoy and there will be more to come. One day we will learn the perfect amount of alcohol to consume for our Buffy Drunk History so that we actually discuss Buffy some.
Suggested talking points - Communist uprisings, Gak Baptisms, disorientingly high waisted pants, and cleaning up poop for love vs. money

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