Announcement: The Sleepy Squirrel and a new Big Giveaway!

11.27.2020 - By Sleep Whispers

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Announcement #1: Grand Opening of the Sleepy Squirrel Discount Gift Shop>

Announcement #2: New Giveaway with 5 Prizes and 5 Winners. Full details>

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Who can enter this new Giveaway? Anyone and Everyone!  No purchases are necessary.

These are the 5 Prizes for 5 Winners (1 prize each): 1 Sleep Whispers T-Shirt, 1 Access to 8-Hour Nature/Background Sounds, 1 Wireless SleepPhones ($100 value), and 2 Merino Sleep Masks ($45 value each).

How to enter the Giveaway: Go to the Sleepy Squirrel Gift Shop, scroll to the bottom, click "Enter The Giveaway", and complete the entry form (no purchase necessary). 

Timeline: You may enter the Giveaway until Jan 15, 2021. The 5 winners will be announced in the Chat episode on Jan 17, 2021.


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