Another Goddamned Podcast #5: February 27th, 2008

03.04.2008 - By Another Goddamned Podcast

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FUCK! Shocked? Offended? You’re probably not an atheist. The Herd’s hypothesis: If you’re a freethinker, "fuck," "shit," "cunt," and all those other four-letter goodies are less likely to affect you than to rile up all those other assholes out there.

Fake Christians. That’s how Sir Charles Barkley referred to hypocrites who claim the love of Jesus but can’t seem to extend it to homosexuals and women seeking an abortion. Is Barkley "governor material?" Despite a ban on political talk this week, a debate on the qualifications for political office breaks out. The Herd wonders if Ex is on acid, as he serenades them. And Babs gets a message ... from God.

Uh-oh. Here comes Missouri House Bill 1625, exempting pharmacies from legal responsibility if they choose not to fulfill legitimate prescriptions for RU486 and Plan B. Can it be proven that this bill is based on religious belief? We think so but, unfortunately, we’re not on the Supreme Court.

The Herd name their least favorite historical characters. We want to hear from you on this. Do you agree with our picks, or do you have a better one?

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