Another Goddamned Podcast #25: July 31st, 2008

08.04.2008 - By Another Goddamned Podcast

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We welcome Chappy back, and then immediately attack her. Why? Well, she's been on the warpath lately and we'd like to know what she's so angry about. It turns out that OG and SI are mad about the very same thing. The other three of us may be even more furious, but for different reasons. Philly and Evo articulate theirs. Listeners are urged to form a circle and join hands.

Ex, great sage that he is, tells us all why we're really pissed off, and we see that there are "three flavors of our discontent." OK, so how do we deal with our anger? Does our rage make us "strike out" at religionists, both in the blogosphere and in real life? Urging calm, some members of the Herd argue that we should remain logical. Philly makes an insightful point about theist arguments, which leads us to discuss the role of education in deconversion.

Higher education is our continued focus, and we find out how it freed OG. Can it work that way on others? Ex remains rankled. Does religion require ignorance of worldly knowledge? Evo points out that there's probably nothing more worldly for a theist to do than ... what?

Another Goddamned Puzzle is solved, but Venjanz needs a shave. Sean sends an audio file, complete with gratuituous wisecracks. In our new poser: No man is an island, but someone gets stuck on one. Evo offers a little Science Quiz, for which fantastic prizes will be awarded! (Well, our definition of "fantastic" might be a little different than yours.) Philly explains how Scientology is like the Mafia. Finally, we award a mini-medal of honor - to one of our own listeners. Find out what she did to earn it.

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