Another Goddamned Podcast #24: July 24th, 2008

07.30.2008 - By Another Goddamned Podcast

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Ex doesn't need any prodding from a man down-under to get pissed off about McCain and Obama making their first joint appearance in a CHURCH! Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? Rick Warren, of The Purpose-Driven Life fame, claims both candidates as friends, and will soon host a pious party from his pulpit. OG informs us about Warren's book, which we urge listeners not to rush out and buy. The Herd, as usual, fulminates. Is this unsubdued enough for you, Sean?

Our AGP Fundogelical Correspondent, OG, gives us some deep background on the fleecing of America. Philly reminds us that it's all about power. SI asks: Isn't that why government and religion go so easily hand-in-hand? We all see a number of infuriating church/state conflicts at Warren's Saddleback Church Political Extravaganza. So what can freethinkers do about all of this besides our usual bitching and belly-aching. Evo tells about an excellent idea he tried, but did it work? If you're a proper cynic, you'll guess the answer.

Now what? SI wants to use this podcast as a tool. Shall we add it to our atheistic Swiss Army knives? Ex opens a pet shop, and Philly finds a way to compare Saddleback Church to NAMBLA and the American Nazi Party. OG asks the question: Isn't showing up at a Christian Church, and only a Christian Church, a de facto religious test? Doesn't that fly in the face of the Constitution's Article VI? Maybe, but who's gonna sue?

Another Goddamned Puzzle. Man, you folks are smart (which our scientific poll later confirms). But you're funny, too! Some listeners work together to give last week's solution, and Yunshui adds a special surprise of his own. Evo awards the 3rd AGP Medal of Honor; find out who got it and why. SI tips everyone off to a good series of articles on evolution. Finally, why we love Darwin - but hate being called "Darwinists."

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