Another Goddamned Podcast #22: July 10th, 2008

07.15.2008 - By Another Goddamned Podcast

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Ex pulls teeth (especially with SI) to get the entire Herd to agree that we are elitists. After brow-beaten SI gives in, we discuss what, exactly, an elitist is. Is it all about greater intellect and finer taste? And what's the difference between elitism and snobbishness? As atheists, are we automatically unholier than thou? Evo says, "if you believe in supernatural causations...I'm superior". And the members of our snooty Herd all agree on that one. Someone forgets to kill the sound during our first break, and we find out which one of us is the most elitist.

How do we manifest our elitism in our non-Internet lives? Evo is a smarty-pants. SI is more cagey, except maybe with his wife! Ex thinks he's smarter than the average bear — and more valuable. Why is it a bad thing in our culture to be better at something? Would most Americans rather vote for a person who is a reflection of them rather than someone who is clearly "better" than they are? Once again, the mic runs during our break, and listeners are treated to a short Philly Rant(tm).

Ex wants to know what there is in our elitism that makes us angry at various things in society. Not surprisingly, we're mostly pissed off at the anti-intellectual culture of the United States. Our engineer decided that our arrogance is too delicious to resist, so we have yet another candid break. Evo claims that more damage was done to our society by Bush's response to 9/11 than by the attacks.

Ex, always fascinated by whether like-types can spot each other, asks if we can automatically recognize other elitists. We give the answer to Another Goddamned Puzzle from last week and announce the winners of our AGP Secret Decoder Ring. There were two - neither of whom was named Venjanz. Find out why poor Yunshui may not be happy about that. Poll results revealed - and yet ANOTHER reason you may not want Evo singing in your neighborhood. Is it elitist to mention a few items in the news? We think not.

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