Another Goddamned Podcast #6: March 6th, 2008

03.12.2008 - By Another Goddamned Podcast

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Ex is pissed off yet again. But only at himself, not at listener Yinyang, who wants to know what our atheist "cause" might be. Not surprisingly, we can’t agree.

Yinny’s question has a Part 2. What’s "bad for the cause" - and who are the perps? We attempt an answer, but spiral once again into politics. Will we all get behind the Science Debate? And how can the nation's freethinkers coalesce into a political movement?

Enonomi, another goddamned listener, asks if we enjoy "woo" television shows and movies. If so, do we feel guilty about that? Are these programs and films just great fun, or do they somehow perpetuate superstition? The Herd, going around in circles as it often does, winds up back at the podcast's first topic.

St. Patrick’s Day falls during Holy Week this year. OH NO! We toast one another with green beer while throwing this non-controversy right in the Papal face. But then we find a topic we really disagree on. Lifeguard wants to be Aquaman. Which superheroes would the other Herd members choose? And who can kick whose ass?

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