Another Goddamned Podcast #32: September 18th, 2008

09.23.2008 - By Another Goddamned Podcast

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Evo plays host this week, and everyone's invited to his anti-Republican party. He kicks off the festivities by explaining the origins of the "free market" in America, and we discuss why it's built into the nation's psyche. Does that still make sense today? Or is free-market worship just a "faith" position. Ex thinks the "American Dream" is a nightmare perpetrated by the GOP.

How did we get into the economic mess we're in? Surprise: It wasn't just the Republicans. Incompetence and greed may not know party lines, but certainly the drive to deregulate has come from the Right, allegedly in defense of "free markets" - that don't even exist. Aren't all economic philosophies somewhat "faith-based"? After all, there's no scientific evidence that any system would work under all circumstances. However, there's plenty of evidence that the system now in place doesn't work. (Hint: Peek in your wallet.)

In the beginning of the last segment, Evo asked if a defense of "free markets" could be supported Constitutionally. Do people confuse our individual rights with the rights of corporations? Philly goes back to that question and shares (at no cost!) his insights. The government bails out businesses, but not individuals; that's "corporate socialism," of course. While the Herd isn't happy with the deregulators, are some of us right to label their ideas as "faith"? What's the difference between faith and opinion, anyway? Chappy says that with supportable opinions, we can rationally attack a notion — but not with faith. OG does the impossible when she makes Ex reexamine his position.

Ex grabs back the mike and takes us through puzzles, polls, and quizzes. Even as a rational thinker, you may find that you are CONfounded, but you should have no trouble CONfining your CONfusion to this podcast only! Remember, Ex is a bit of a CONman. By the way, you won't want to miss SI do his short stand-up comedy routine.

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