Another Goddamned Podcast #30: September 4th, 2008

09.09.2008 - By Another Goddamned Podcast

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Sarah Palin likes shooting defenseless animals. Let's see if she can handle the Herd! Does experience matter? If so, how? Philly and Evo argue that Palin used her little bit of experience in a very authoritarian way, but Ex calls "bullshit" on them. Who's right? Meanwhile SI doesn't think 120,000 total votes and being governor for a year and a half is much experience. Ex sees an insidious strategy that the GOP may be using.

OG would rather talk about issues than experience, and the Herd agrees. Obviously, that's a signal for a segue to a conversation about Palin's religiosity. How might her love of Jesus inform her decisions? What will be its effects on separation of church & state? Is (are?) the Assemblies of God scary? (Do moose shit in the woods while they're hiding from Sarah Palin?) Chappy and Evo sound very, very afraid. Believe it or not, Ex tries to assuage their fears. How fucking reassuring do you think that is? Yikes!

Can Democrats attack Palin on her fundy ideas? Or have they painted themselves into a church corner? Philly would like to see the Dems go straight for her craziness, but understands it ain't happening. Instead, he offers a few politically feasible tactics. Can Obama/Biden just practice what they preach and let the public judge the difference between their particular god and Palin's? And do atheists have to bite the Christianized bullet? (Will it bleed if we do so?)

Three Goddamned Solvers cracked last week's puzzle, one with the help of his ... well, we can't give everything away in these notes. Hint: zombies were not involved. Want to be deliriously happy for the rest of your life? The results of our poll may tell you how! And Evo wonders: Where are the science lovers in our audience? (Possible answer: getting happy?)

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