AOG29- Susan and Ben talk Lonergan, ARI-Reyco, and more

06.01.2019 - By Adley Services LLC

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Our clients love their Lonergan valves but until recently, they would have to retire them when they needed parts. In solving this problem, we came across ARI-REYCO, which can possibly be used to replace parts in Lonergan valves. Today, we discuss this and more.
At Adley, we have a saying that if you are explaining something, you need to do it so a 12 year-old can understand. But what does that mean? We invited Bobby Couvillion and Michael “Foot” Wilson to come to the Adley offices and educate us. However, we thought it would be interesting to have an actual 12 year-old sit in so that we could see how they understand the information.
We invited or resident 12 year-old, Ben, to sit in on the podcast and tell us what his impressions of the valve presentation were.
We would like to thank Mr. Couvillion and Mr. Wilson for a wonderful educational seminar. As you will hear, there information was not only very useful, but presented so clear that even a 12 year-old could understand.

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