#4 - Appsolute fools

03.27.2016 - By Battles With Bits of Rubber

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Todd and I have been chatting, as we both let the blogging slip because of work - so we are back with a plan to do more podcasts to give responses to email questions on a regular basis. So, we caught up in this podcast to get the ball rolling again - listen or download it from here. It was recorded on Friday 13th....so it isn't about the movie Friday the 13th, so sorry to the Michael Myers fans.....this time we're talking plaster heads and master moulds, plastiline and apps to help design. Check out the blogpost on it here: http://www.learnmakeupeffects.com/appsolute-idiot/ We sure do love a good question too so please ask your techy FX questions to us at our email [email protected]

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