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What's ARCS about?

Arcs is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition podcast, in which three unlikely comrades journey across the mystical realm of Thirithia in search of a famed relic!

Pretty basic, right? Well, dear reader…

That’s only the beginning.

Featuring radio-style production, original music and a lightning pace, Arcs is the perfect show for anyone looking for a hearty sip of comedy, drama, intrigue, and sometimes a dog.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a total newbie to DnD, you’re sure to get wrapped up in Arcs’ world, it’s characters and their uncanny ability to almost always make the wrong decision.

Join us every Thursday for a rip-roaring, spell-casting, drink-downing, chair-smashing, chuckle-having affair, replete with grins, tears and statistically-astounding dice rolls.

Sometimes very bad rolls.

… Usually very bad rolls.

Hosted By:
Nathan Stanz (Jackson)
Lauren Shippen (Larkin)
Briggon Snow (Barri)
Jordan Adika (DM)

303 ratings

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18 | The Fight of the Century


Barri gets pragmatic, Jackson's foot's erratic, and Larkin's feeling panicked. --- TWEET A THING @ArcsPod, @BriggonSnow, @LaurenShippen, @NathanStanz, @JordanAdika --- SEND A THING PO Box 461392 West Hollywood CA 90046 --- BE YOURSELF (if you want)

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