Are Our Brains Wired To Spend More with Stephanie McCullough (Sofia Financial)

10.06.2021 - By Hustle to Financial Freedom

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Today we are chatting with Stephanie McCullough.
Stephanie is a financial advisor and the founder of Sofia Financial.
She founded Sofia Financial with the goal to empower women to make wise financial decisions, address their areas of money stress, and free up their time and mental energy to spend on the things that are truly important.
Stephanie believes that everyone, regardless of income level, deserves quality, objective advice and excellent service from caring professionals who really listen and are motivated solely by their clients’ success.
She can be heard regularly on the Take Back Retirement Podcast, the financial podcast for women who’d rather not focus on money.
What to Expect:

* Are men or women better at investing?
* Why do most women not manage family finances?
* How to be prepared for the death of a spouse who manages the finances
* The way our brains are wired in regards to personal finance
* Overcoming our brain’s hard wiring

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* The 5 Key Questions You Should Ask When Making A Big Purchase – Sofia Financial YouTube
* Stanford marshmallow experiment
* Behavior Gap
* You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life – Jason Vitug
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