165. Are plant-based diets appropriate for children and pregnancy? With Ex-Vegan Jon Venus

05.30.2022 - By Paul Saladino MD podcast

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Vlogging star Jon Venus was dubbed one of the 'world's hottest vegans' with his virtuous lifestyle earning him a staggering 83,000 Instagram fans and 225,000 YouTube subscribers who follow his every meal. He recently switched to a primarily animal based diet, causing an uproar in the vegan community. Time Stamps: 00:07:54 Podcast begins 00:09:45 Who is Jon Venus? 00:15:18 Getting hate for switching diets 00:18:17 Steroids and hormones 00:21:15 Getting sunlight and Vitamin D at a high latitude 00:24:18 Transitioning from a vegan diet to eating meat 00:31:20 Observations and anecdotes about the vegan community at large 00:37:30 Nutritional deficiencies in vegetarian infants 00:41:00 Rationalization for supplementation on a vegan diet 00:46:30 Vegans secretly eating fish and meat 00:48:38 What did Jon Venus’ day of eating 00:50:30 Should children eat a vegan diet? 1:10:20 Thoughts on Choline 1:21:40 Healthy user bias 1:26:33 Where can people find Jon Venus? Sponsors: White Oak Pastures: www.whiteoakpastures.com, use code CarnivoreMD for 10% off your first order Earth Runners: www.earthrunners.com, use code PAUL for 10% off your order  Shirttail Creek Farm: shirttailcreekfarm.com, use code  Lets Get Checked: 20% off your order at www.TRYLGC.com/carnivoremd Connect with Jon: Instagram: @jonvenus Watch Jon Venus on YouTube

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