Are Protesters Spreading COVID-19? (Guest: Christopher Matler)

06.23.2020 - By Health Care News Podcast

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Using artificial intelligence and public data from Johns Hopkins University, Christopher Matler’s company, COVEX 2020,  predicts COVID-19 infection rates will climb 8.22 percent in Chicago on June 23 based on recent street protests.  Los Angeles will have the second largest spike on that day of 8.46 percent.

Fresh off massive public lockdowns, thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest racial injustices. While many wear masks, there is shouting and close contact. Based on the numbers, behavior and other data points, Malter says predictive analytics can make a reliable forecast on virus spread.  He discusses how this technology can lead to more targeted mitigation strategies.  Malter discusses how this technology is being used in the private sector and how users balance protection and civil liberties.

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