Ep 6: Artemis - Greeks Are Slow to Learn & Quick to Die

11.22.2020 - By Garner's Greek Mythology

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... This is episode 6 of Garner's Greek Mythology.  What a journey! Here we discuss Artemis, the protector of girls, women and all things that suckle--yet, we learn that she was also a skilled hunter.  Like Athene and the gods, this goddess was riddled with contradictions.

The Romans in their infuriating way renamed her Diane ... She was a proud virgin goddess. Whereas Aphrodite--the goddess we know as Venus--loved song and dance and seduction, Artemis was stern. She was also a traditionalist who surrounded herself with nymphs.

As a fascinating side note, in time she became associated with Hekate, the patron saint of witches.

As a huntress, she delighted in tracking stags and boars and establishing sacred groves to shelter the wild things she hunted. Those who dared to stalk game within her forests, whether they were kings or commoners, almost always met a dreadful end.

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