12.21.2020 - By Revelations Radio Network

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Episode 279: On this episode, the end of the world is here again with Saturn Jupiter conjunction, Flippy for target practice, 666 update, Pence announces Guardians, monolith in NZ, forget the stimulus, it’s the Great Reset cash grab, NWO in UAE, India and London vs China, Israeli Aerospace hacked, SolarWinds CEO sold before hack, IMF wants to base credit score on browning history, nations begin UK travel ban from virus mutation, employers can ban, skipping 2nd jab can lead to mutation, CDC new guidelines after waccine, Fauci santa, report that NO SINGLE DOCUMENTED CASE OF ASYMPTOMATIC SPREAD, STAT compares Pfizer and Moderna, CNN compares Pfizer and Moderna, CRISPR horse, CRISPR trees, China weather modification admitted! #TheWay #CRISPR #EndOfTheWorld We wanted to give an opportunity for someone to win a custom made knife from one of our producers (Producer Nigel)! Yes, a knife! Hand made! Like Forged in Fire! All you have to do is share an episode of the show with #CanaryCryRadio or #CanaryCryNewsTalk on any social media network! We will randomly select a winner in about a week! Also, you can now pre-order the 2021 Canary Cry Calendar! This was all put together by producers of the show! God Bless! SHOW NOTES:    COMMUNITY:   Paypal:  Patreon 1:  Patreon 2:  Crypto:  Twitch: YouTube 1:  YouTube 2:  DLive:  RSS:  Spotify:  Apple:  Google:  Amazon:  Podbay:

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