As the Season Turns

By Ffern

What's As the Season Turns about?

'As the Season Turns' is a podcast created by Ffern ( and presented by the nature writer Lia Leendertz. Each episode, released on the first of every month, is a guide to what to look out for in the month ahead - from the sky above to the land below. Ffern is a natural fragrance maker based in Somerset. Working with the rhythms of the seasons, they blend, barrel-age and bottle four fragrances a year, released at the equinox and solstice. Each fragrance is made to order for the names on the Ffern production ledger. To join the ledger and find out more visit

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In November, we get up before dawn to watch the stars and stay out past sunset to light bonfires for Samhain. In between, we head to Dorset for some birdwatching, to Sussex for people watching and out into the lanes ...

As the Season Turns episodes: