03.03.2022 - By Space Nuts

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Space Nuts Episode 294 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley •Asteroids – One that hit China some 50,000 years ago. So why are we talking about it today? Fred has the answers.•Plus a potential asteroid strike on planet earth narrowly averted…but not because of anything clever we did. Fred has details.•A strange black hole that’s spinning on its side.•Listener text questions – about the speed of light; whether or not we’re all living in a simulation; when will we finally set foot on Mars and could we live on Io and Titan. Fred has answers.Sponsor Links:NordVPN – the fast and best way of securing your data. Get our special price, plus one month free by visiting Magic Mind…the scientifically developed tonic for your brain. For our special offer so you can join Andrew in his challenge, just visit more Space Nuts, visit our websites. Links: New: Listen to Space Nuts on your favorite app with the Universal listen link: New link: New Link: to go directly to our shop.Send us a message, ask a question…whatever. We love hearing from you: all our show links at New: Take the Space Nuts Listener Feedback survey. We need to know how you think the show is going. Take the 1-minute survey at - thank you.If you love this podcast, please get someone else to listen to. Thank you…For more podcast listening, visit our HQ at

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