79 - Astrology Codes For Business Magnetism, Abundance + Following Your Destiny with Ayesha, Oath Oracle

07.21.2021 - By The Amy Rushworth Show

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Ayesha is a visionary astrologer + business oracle who is deeply devoted to transforming past trauma into power & freedom, while activating others to do the same. Consistent ritual, shadow work, astrology, manifestation & grounded business strategy have been key for her powerful transformation from poverty into a multi 6 figure soul-led business. Ayesha guides visionaries, leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, and intuitives around the globe to create prosperity with their soul work + strategies aligned to their unique Astrological blueprint. 

In this episode, we talk about using astrology as a blueprint for activating abundance in business, money, life, love and beyond.
We cover...

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