Atomic Moms

By Ellie Knaus

What's Atomic Moms about?

Truthful, inspiring, and funny, Atomic Moms is a weekly parenting podcast about the joys and complexities of caring for our little ones and ourselves. Host Ellie Knaus joins forces with celebrities, bestselling authors, parenting experts, and caregivers all over the world to hear their unique stories in this universal experience of raising a child. Co-founded with Bianca Kajlich in 2014, Atomic Moms leaves no stone unturned, no nose upturned. Welcome to the Atomic Moms tribe! and social media: @atomicmoms

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Unplug, Together with Tiffa...


Webby Awards founder and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Tiffany Shlain chats with host Ellie Knaus about how to reboot our relationship with technology and her bestseller 24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week, now available in paperback (8/20/20).

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