Aubrey Good: International Bipolar Foundation, World Bipolar Day, and #BIPOLARSTRONG

03.23.2018 - By Waking Up Bipolar with Chris Cole | Bipolar disorder, spiritual awakening, and everything in between.

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In this episode of Waking Up Bipolar, Chris Cole speaks with Aubrey Good—Program Coordinator for the International Bipolar Foundation. Aubrey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 18, and she hopes to use her experiences and knowledge to help bring awareness and education about bipolar disorder. Aubrey is particularly passionate about mental health reform in the criminal justice system and underserved communities. Her background in the United States military also motivates her to break down the stigma of mental illness and advocate for better care within the armed forces and veteran communities.

As you’ll hear, Aubrey Good has a big heart for bipolar advocacy, as well as a great deal of compassion for the whole of humanity. She is #BIPOLARSTRONG, and I am stronger knowing she is doing good in this world of ours in need of so much goodness.  

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