32. Audio • May 13, 2008 • Thorngate Ltd. Town Hall • Cape Girardeau MO • Q & A • Part 2 of 2 • 47.5 Minutes

05.17.2008 - By Barack Obama AV Podcast

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Click to Reveal Audio Player Then Click On It To Play 47.5 Minute Audio Here Now Senator Obama answers questions from Thorngate employees and the people of Cape Girardeau MO on the following topics: 1. Inflation-Deflation 2. Depression 3. Clinton for VP 4. Made In America 5. Sunshine in the White House 6. Public School Reforms 7. Iraq 8. Job Creation Senator Claire McCaskill answers a few questions about Senator Obama afterwards. Download • 47.5 Minute 16.4 MB mp3 audio file for your digital audio player

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