8.Audio • Team Building with Liz Pallatto Part 1 of 2

09.20.2007 - By Camp Obama

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Click To Reveal The Audio Player Then Click On It To Start Playing the 42 minute 9.7 MB mp3 audio file of Episode 8 - Liz Pallatto, a veteran political organizer, explains techniques for developing effective teams with fellow volunteers working on the campaign. She presents the example of a large chamber orchestra in NYC to show how they effectively communicate as a team. Part 1 of a 2 part session too long to deliver in one file - the first 42 minutes of a 76 minute session. Recorded in San Francisco 8.11.07.Formats available: 9.7 MB MP3 Audio (.mp3)Tags: camp obama, liz pallatto, group dynamics, team building, volunteersSubscribe in a reader

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