Avengers Endgame New DELETED SCENES Breakdown! Blu-Ray Bonus Footage Revealed!

08.01.2019 - By Inside Marvel: A WandaVision Aftershow

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Avengers Endgame Deleted Scenes reveal Thor with Rocket in Asgard, Tony Stark shaving Rocket, Rhodey trolling Cap about the Captain America movie ending, and more! What do the Endgame deleted scenes tell us about Thor and Stark's mindset during the Time Heist of Avengers Endgame? Why did the Avengers choose to gather the Infinity Stones from places like Asgard and Morag, when they could have gotten both the Power Stone and Reality Stone from the Collector's Vault? Erik Voss breaks down ALL of the deleted scenes revealed in the Avengers Endgame digital release & Blu-ray bonus footage, and how these removed scenes would have changed the Endgame story. Why does Stark take Rocket's mockery personally? What was the deeper meaning of Tony's words to his father Howard in 1970?
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