345 – Avoid These Common Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Budget

04.10.2021 - By Debt Free in 30

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You have a budget, and you try to stay within it, but a lack of planning leads you to overspend. This is one of the most common ways people sabotage their own budgets. On today’s podcast, credit counsellor Diane Cunha and host Doug Hoyes discuss the common mistakes people make when budgeting – from using debt as an extension of income to paying too much for transportation. They also share advice for how to avoid making these mistakes so you can budget more successfully! Tune in for lots of practical advice.   Helpful Links:   Hoyes Michalos Fresh Start Program: https://www.hoyes.com/fresh-start/ Hoyes Michalos Newsletter: https://www.hoyes.com/subscribe-newsletter/

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