Avrum Laurie on the path from the Microsoft to startups, his product leadership philosophy, and product stories from Wealthsimple and Freshbooks | The Black Box of Product Management

08.11.2021 - By The Black Box of Product Management

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Brandon speaks with Avrum Laurie, VP of Product at Wealthsimple and his former boss at Freshbooks over a decade ago.Avrum is an exceptional product mind, and is equally cogent in engineering and design. Brandon and Avrum discuss his journey from big company PM at Microsoft to his foray into startups Freshbooks and Wealthsimple, which he helped build into two unicorns over the last decade.Given their shared history at Freshbooks, Avrum and Brandon go deep on some key projects they worked on, and reflect on the challenges and lessons they held. Avrum shares his philosophy on product leadership, and finally explains why Wealthsimple has so many damn apps.

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