Bachelors In The City

By Redd Rock Music

What's Bachelors In The City about?

What do you get when you take two Bachelor Nation alums and move them into an apartment in the greatest city on earth? Along with crazy nights, amazing experiences and a lot of arguing, you get this podcast! Peter Weber and Dustin Kendrick sit down twice a week to talk about love, life and living in NYC. Oh, and of course they’ll be talking all things Bachelor-related. Got a question for the guys? Shoot them a DM on Instagram @bachelorsinthecitypodcast.
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Ep. 109: Roses for Everybody


Since its premiere in 2002, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have a combined 44 seasons in the US and have cast an estimated 1,142 hopeful singles. In the 20 years that these shows have been on ABC, they have only ...

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