Episode 9: "Basically I'm the Big Momma for the teams"

03.09.2017 - By Around the Watch

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Topic Timestamps:

- 00:00:00

- 00:00:15 Introducing Noukky!

- 00:00:30 How to book a major tournamnet

- 00:05:00 Noukky's background

- 00:06:15 "Game Day" adminning: what's going on behind the scenes

- 00:07:30 What was the biggest headache adminning for Strivewire?

- 00:10:10 Discussing the results of the Strivewire Monthly Melee

- 00:16:00 Hammers is LG, Chavs is Hammers, and b0nkers is Red Reserve!?!

- 00:17:00 What is up with team names in Overwatch?

- 00:20:00 What is LG's motive with this pickup?

- 00:30:00 Who the heck is Red Reserve?

- 00:33:30 Which team is most poised to succeed after being picked up?

- 00:36:30 Overwatch and Tournament licenses

- 00:41:40 What teams to watch out for in the next Strivewire Monthly

- 00:43:45 Differences between determining invites between EU and NA teams

- 00:45:30 Recapping Apex

- 00:50:00 Balance patch discussion

- 00:56:00 Do you need to be able to play multiple team compositions at a high level to be successful in Overwatch?


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On Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoukkyIzzy

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