Battle of the Anons, Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved (Again), Omarosa the Soul Sistah, NC Shakycam UFO, Hypocognition |118|

08.16.2018 - By Magical Mystery Radio: Conspiracy & Paranormal Review

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John walks us through the surreal saga of Soul Sistah Omarosa and the Great Trump Hair Theft. Plus, Bill Maher as the Pizza Man. Predictive programming, a glitch in the Matrix, or are the trickster gods having fun again? North Carolina guy with rock-steady hands films a blimp - er,  "spacecraft." The Bermuda Triangle mystery has been solved! Spoiler: it ain't a time vortex. Unless it is. But it probably isn't... unless it is. What is hypocognition? Only the cause of literally ALL our modern societal problems... And finally, John brings us up to speed on the battle of the Anons: Anonymous vs. QAnon. Oh, the irony...  

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