BBB #2: Lecturing=Bloodletting, so why are we still doing it?

09.03.2017 - By Ben, Ben and Blue

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There's clearly some gravity towards a lecture-based classroom structure, even though we now know that this is not the best way for students to learn.  Here we discuss what the sources of that inertia might be. More from Ben Ben and Blue - Secret episodes on the Patreon page - Join the discussion at the subreddit Some of the first few of these we recorded we really fun, but the sound quality where we were was really...well...bad.  We didn't want to kick off the full podcast with them, but we do want to share them with someone, so you can now find them as a reward for anyone who chooses to contribute on Patreon. Some material brought up during this discussion Studies from Carl Wieman on passive vs. active learning See also this interview with Wieman about that study David Pengelly on overcoming the lecture-textbook trap

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