Be Bold, Dare to Stand Alone, and Let People Meet You Where You Are - A Mother's Day Conversation w/Professor Mojubaolu Okome - Episode 14

05.15.2019 - By Game of Grow

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On today’s episode, we dive into a few personal stories in order to illustrate the difference between ideas and execution and discuss their relative values, as well as how you can use them to maximize your chances of success. Such as... Whatever is inherited is not as valuable as what you work for. What is the mark you want to leave on the world? The difficult periods are most important. They teach you about your own capacity for resilience. Be bold, dare to stand alone and let people meet you where are. This was recorded live, on Facebook Live, and here are just a few of the reactions I received at the time:   “What an absolutely delightful, wisdom packed, inspiring, fun, and love-filled conversation. I cannot wait to listen to the next one, and the next one. Mom, you make us African Moms so proud of you!! Muoyo, thank you very much for this wonderful interview. As we say in Ghana, “Ayikoo!” Well done! :)” “Awesome and loaded interview! Thanks for sharing!” “This was the best thing I watched today!” “The last answer was the BEST! Trusting you to know what you need to best connect to the essence of your true self... Muoyo your mom is awesome and in the few short minutes of listening to you speak my heart is filled with love and gratitude for the life she has lived and how she has shared it with those around her. Give her another hug for me please :)” “This was great. Your mom is awesome. She should be a motivational speaker.” We had a great time filming this. So grateful to be able to share with the world a glimpse of the wisdom and humor I am privileged to experience on a regular basis. Hope you enjoy! Shoot me a message to let me know so we can bring her back.   Apply for App Moguls Inner Circle: Purchase The 7 Steps to App Success:   Download Color Noir: Color Noir "Behind the Scenes":     Join the Insiders Chat:  Subscribe to the Game of Grow Podcast:     This episode is sponsored by my first book, "The 7 Steps to App Success".  12 million downloads, 8 years of grinding, 7 months of writing & editing, and thousands of dollars of my own money later, it’s finally here…. And you can get it for wayyyy less. Head to and pick up your digital copy, in its 108 pages of glory.   Stay connected with the movement: Join the Insiders Chat:  Join the Facebook Community: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: To sign up for our weekly email updates from "The Hustler's Corner" visit us at and use the sign up form at the top of the page.

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